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Randridge Residents Association Jurisdiction and Coverage Area


In 1991, due to escalating crime in the suburb, a group of concerned residents got together and formed the Randridge Residents Association (RRA).  The idea behind this was that if we, as residents, all pull together, we can achieve a safer environment in which to live and raise our families.

The Randridge Residents Association is run by a board of Directors and each street has a Street Leader who acts as a catalyst between residents and the Directors. 

All Directors and Street Leaders are volunteers.

The Admin Manager is our link to our current Security Provider, JHB City Council, SARS, JRA, Ward Councilor, JMPD, and other local authorities. She attends to the day to day matters on behalf of the RRA in the mornings between 8 and 12am via email and telephone remotely.

Kayburn Booms

 Tiptol Booms




Our boomed section of Randpark Ridge is highly sought after and has one of the lowest crime levels in the entire Honeydew precinct, thanks to the vision of the RRA.



Booms close off three of the entrances to our area – Chaplin, Kayburne and Tiptol.

Ferero gate was permanently locked by the council years ago and the Farrow gate is only opened during the week for peak traffic hours only (6-9am and again 4-7pm).  Tiptol gate is opened Monday to Sunday during the day but closed at night for increased security to the suburb. The booms are also manned 24 hours a day by Proforce Security.

Though the booms cannot stop anybody from entering the suburb, they send out a message that we monitor our area carefully, and they are a definite deterrent to criminals.   We have our own Proforce Reaction Vehicle stationed in our area 24 hours a day which means that their response times will be quick.



In September 2010 we put up 42 cameras at various street corners including at all entrances in the suburb. They are recording but are not monitored real time.   This is a re-active security measure where footage is viewed after incidents occur.

In 2019 we asked all residents for a once off amount to raise Capex to start upgrading our current camera system to an off-site real time monitoring system. We are glad to report that five sites are already live on the new system and being monitored real time.

This is a costly project as these cameras will now also have monthly monitoring fees needing not only electricity but wi-fi too. The RRA will therefore be obliged to roll out in stages as and when it can be agreed with residents housing these current cameras for us.


All RRA members receive:

  • Vehicle stickers
  • Signage board for their wall
  • The cell phone number for the RRA response vehicle.

Members are also added to a Street WhatsApp group where you will be notified of all crime or council issues.

Our monthly newsletter is sent electronically in the third week of each month, to keep you posted as to what is happening in and around our suburb. Crime Flash Reports are also sent out on WhatsApp to members as and when crime occurs.


All residents are asked to support the anti-crime initiative by making a monthly financial contribution.  This contribution currently stands at R500.00 per month, but is reviewed at our Annual General Meeting, and adjusted if deemed necessary.  Without these funds, this Association can’t function successfully. 

The funds are used to pay the Security Company, JRA Boom Applications, Boom and Hut Maintenance, Admin Manager, Gardener, General Service fees, Handy Man, Camera installations and other maintenance costs. 

We do, fortunately, receive support from local businesses through advertisements placed in our monthly newsletter.   This all helps to keep our monthly fees at a minimum.


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